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Looking to add an Aged Olive Tree to your Landscape? 

Look no further…let Olive Trees Direct handle your installation with superior customer service and unbeatable pricing.

Simple Process

OliveTreeDirect Prepare a hole

Prepare a hole

exactly where you want your tree.

(7' x 7' x 2')

OliveTreeDirect - Select your tree

Select your tree from orchards through photos, Face-time, or in person.

OliveTreeDirect - Choose install day

Choose an install day, and we will deliver and install your tree using the required gradall.


 Instant Gratification

 With Big, Aged trees to enjoy for the rest of your life, vs. Spending the rest of your life waiting for them to grow ...



After Olive Trees Direct


Olive Trees Direct


Great Pricing

**Click on picture to see full image

Olive Trees Direct

has the lowest pricing in the industry on trees up to 135 years old.
Delivered & Installed

*Price for 2+ trees - add $500 for a single tree

Freight charge outside Northern California

Sonoma/Napa and Butte County Fire Residents and First Respondents

 10% off of any multi-tree project. 

Olive Tree

about olive trees

Once an olive tree has reached an advanced age it is valuable for its beauty, drought-resistance, Mediterranean atmosphere, and historic resonance. 

Other key features and benefits our customers admire about these mature olive trees are:

Provides shade

Conversation Piece

Light water use

1000 year lifespan

Year-round foliage

Thrives in CA sun

Resistant to decay

Tasty olives or healthful oil

Leaves for medicinal teas

Symbol of PEACE


Photo background

Night and holiday lighting

Makes statement for property


Contact Us

Committed to Excellence!

Olive Trees Direct operates on a simple philosophy - deliver quality trees while putting the customer first. We've provided clients with a wide range of olive trees for all their needs.  Our trees stay well-maintained and in the ground until you pick them out.  Whatever you have in mind, we will work with you to bring your dreams to life. Contact us to receive a free consultation.

Directly from our orchards to your landscape... 

Olive Trees Direct

Operating in Northern California

Sacramento Area 
Olive Tree installation
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